Monday, December 29, 2008

Everybody loves ice cream!

Rosie and Dash eat mint-chocolate-chip ice cream cones with the Os! Yummy.


  1. Cute. Looks like Mr. Kelly is holding someone's vanilla cone debris and loving it.

  2. ice cream on the couch? have you gone mad!? Elliot thinks cones are not available in the winter, only the summer. Might have something to do with me telling him that you can't have ice cream cones in the winter :) Cute pic, next time jump in!

  3. I just found a better photo, so you are not having eye-issues.

    Nice try with the "no ice cream in winter" ploy, Cat. I grew up in Illinois & went to college in Ann Arbor, MI. Believe me, all the ice cream stores sell strong year-round in cold places!

  4. OTC, that's Todd's cone! Dash prefers Edy's Dibs hands-down to traditional ice cream. Todd & I have the sweet teeth, Kelly & Monkeyrotica, not so much. You better believe that I had one in hand, too!

  5. What is with little bare chested boy. He is half naked eating an ice cream cone in December.

  6. We're all so cute I could scream. EEEEEEEEE!!!


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