Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I have a bird in my office!

Weegee the Senegal parrot was shrieking up a storm in his bedroom-cage upstairs. Once I brought him into the office with me, he became completely chill. He just wants to be near his flock (i.e. me), you know? Purely instinctual behavior.

I just made an appointment for him for a well-bird visit at a local avian vet. Unfortunately, the closest "local" vet is 45 minutes away, not far from my office. Maybe they would board him while I worked? Finding an avian vet or one that treats exotics is troublesome—we had a fabulous vet for years (since 1990) who relocated to Pennsylvania in 2005. Since then, Weegee's records have been shuffled to three different vets.

We haven't been to Dr. Stahl's office before, I'll let you know how it goes. From their website, http://www.seavs.com it looks like they have some pretty interesting and committed staff, all with bizarre exotic-animal collections of their own.


  1. What's the matter with him? How did you acquire him? Poor birdie.

  2. XUP, I guess I did write my post like I just discovered him! Nah, he's my long-time (10 years) pet parrot.

    He's fine, just hasn't had a well-bird exam in a while (and his claws are needle-sharp!). I think he might also be overweight, with how we ignore him regularly.

    He's happy to be hanging out with me!

  3. Fort Hunt Animal Hospital takes birds and they would give me a senior discount.

  4. I know they say that they "take" birds. A lot of animal hospitals take birds. From a handful of negative experiences I've had at several places where they don't specialize in exotics, I'll take a specialist and complain about the trip.

    Weegee is worth it to go to somebody who has thorough training and knows what they're doing!

  5. He's beautiful! What's his life span?

  6. Senegals can live for 50 years in captivity, 35 in the wild. So Mr. Monkey has got approximately 39 years of Weegee shrieks & bites to look forward to! he's my pal, doesn't like guys/rivals.


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