Saturday, February 07, 2009

Anyone for craft night?

Inventory of materials I have for craft projects:

Beads and findings GALORE!
Sewing materials/machine, ribbons, fabric scraps
Paints, watercolors, paintbrushes, paper, easels
Origami papers & books
Several colors/sheets of felt
Decoupage materials for 6 (for a failed craft night)
Embroidery floss, embroidery ring, needles
Yarn, knitting needles (knitting for dummies book)

I can teach the beading, embroidery, or origami and lead a decoupage craft, but I suck at knitting and could use some instruction. I am currently experimenting with felt and am wowed by all the fantastic felting work I've seen on Etsy (and coveted the felt ring Linda Hesh was wearing at her party 2 weeks ago!).

Email me and let's set something up!
(P.S. Sundays are good & our table seats 8.)


  1. What a neat idea! Now that football season is over, Sundays are good for us too. I'll holla via e-mail.


  2. That would rock, Hill Rat! If you, IK & Baby Rat came over, we could have a great time. Rosie would love to play with BR again. Any more takers? IMGoph wants to try origami...

  3. Funny you should post this, I just got the crafting bug and am taking a knitting lesson on Wednesday. Scarves for everyone!!

  4. I, of course, am totally game.


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