Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weird weather in NoVA

It was 70 degrees yesterday. Kids were out in t-shirts and shorts, riding bikes.

Two weeks ago (around the time I skidded out on ice, hit another person's car and got mine put in the shop AND STILL DON'T HAVE BACK YET!!) it looked like this:

Before anyone goes off on "women drivers" or "snow sheep," I'll let you in on what happened. I learned to drive in the suburbs of Chicago and also lived in Michigan for a while. I can handle driving in snow. My car has new tires and is a well-known model for safe driving in poor weather. The morning of the collision (around 7:30 a.m.) it had started to snow, the first snow of the season. I drove to Dash's daycare, dropped him off, and by the time I left the building, the snow was sticking and it was getting colder. I saw a snow plow drive by with its plow up, heading somewhere more important. When I turned off on a side street, I was thinking about the coffee I was going to purchase before I met Rosie's kindergarten teacher for our conference. The speed limit on the road was 25 mph and there was a Jeep ahead of me by a few car lengths, stopped at a stop sign. I was decelerating and braked, but my car kept moving forward as if the brakes weren't there at all! It had already iced over! When I realized that my brakes weren't making any difference and I was going to hit the Jeep, I checked to see if there were any pedestrians on the sidewalk and pulled up onto the curb. I still grazed the Jeep and rammed the stop sign.

One saving grace? Since I haven't had a collision on my insurance policy in at least 10 years (probably more), I get amnesty and the premium won't be going up. Whew.


  1. One note about boys getting hand-me-downs when their older sibling is a girl: they get stuck with magenta hats and lavender mittens (what age to they start to mind?).

  2. Sorry to hear about the driving mishap. I can remember plenty of those when I was growing up in Virginia...thankfully I never hit anyone or anything, though. Here in Frankfurt we just don't get that much snow...

    I'm SO jealous of everyone one and their temps in the 70's. Beh. It's barely been above freezing here! In fact it was about 40 today and it was heaven. Snowing on & off, then the sun came out. Nothing sticking but fun to look at.

    Your poor son lol. But hey, light pink is a very popular color for men's shirts. Tell him he's a stud and he can pull it off ;)


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