Friday, February 27, 2009

Dash at the Dentist, with Shoggoth

No, I don't have any whacked out, drugged up vid of my boy, post dentist. Just a good report, xrays, cleaning, fluoride treatment, all the good stuff, minimal screaming. He must have his father's teeth. Mine have been drilled, filled, root canalled, scraped, and braced over the years in so many ways; I hope I don't pass much of that on.

Dash brought Shoggoth (per my suggestion), because he has soooo many teeth (36, in fact) and the dentist might want to look at them, too. I'm such a geek!

Dash told the dentist, "Shagga' is a sea monster! He's a Kraken! He's very scary!" (note: we've told Dash Shoggoth is a Kraken [as seen in Fellowship of the Ring] because that's easier to understand than protoplasmic hell-creature created by the Elder-Things)
The hygenist asked, "Oh, should I be afraid?"
Dash said, "No, he's only a toy."
The dentist asked, "He has so many eyes, too, does he watch over you?"
Dash said, "Yes, he keeps my nightmares away!"

Background on Shoggoth (originally from a tale by H.P. Lovecraft), according to Wikipedia:

"The shoggoths were created by the Elder Things as living bioengineered construction equipment. Being amorphous, they could take on any shape needed, making them very versatile within their aquatic environment. Though able to "understand" the Elder Things' language, they had no real consciousness and were controlled through hypnotic suggestion.

The shoggoths built the underwater cities of their masters. Over millions of years of existence, some shoggoths mutated and gained independent minds. Some time after this, they rebelled. Eventually, the Elder Things succeeded in quelling the insurrection, but thereafter watched them more carefully. By this point, exterminating them was not an option as the Elder Things were fully dependent on them for labor and could not replace them. It was during this time that, despite their masters' wishes, they demonstrated an ability to survive on land.

Within the Mythos, the existence of the shoggoths possibly led to the accidental creation of Ubbo-Sathla, a god-like entity supposedly responsible for the origin of all life on Earth, though At The Mountains of Madness brings up the possibility of the Elder Things being the creators, having made early life as discarded experiments in bioengineering."

Shoggoth, being a nightmare creature himself, must know the scene pretty well; I'm glad he's on Dash's side in the nightmare business. Woot to healthy teeth!

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  1. Woot indeed. I hate that film clip. It's made the rounds of the internet and I think the parents are awfully mean to exploit their poor, drugged up kid like this


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