Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting excited about gardening!

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I really want to have a garden this year, a raised garden with several plants (within reason!) that we love to eat, and that the kids can help sow and care for.

I just found this blog on homesteading where Tiffany the Homesteader is starting her garden with folded newspaper pots! What a fabulous idea (I'm sure it's not new, just new to me). She has all sorts of ideas for her garden planned out and it's got me dreaming, on a smaller scale.

Here's a tutorial on the origami pots:


  1. Yarbs! Yarbs please! Mint, basil, oregano, and some more berries. It keeps the kids distracted.

  2. Good luck with all that. I have, what I affectionately call a "brown thumb." I think I can kill plants just by looking at them. If my stupid ass neighbor would stop FILLING OUR YARD WITH DOG SHIT maybe I would take a stab at gardening, but I don't think it would end well.

  3. Thanks for linking to my blog...just wanted to add that I started learning to fold pots from the tutorial you list but found it a bit confusing. I recently made a video and posted my own tutorial with photos so I hope you'll check it out :)

  4. Thanks Tiffany! I'm going to check it out RIGHT NOW!!


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