Friday, March 06, 2009

Ms. Nylon: Superhero!

Go, make yourself a hero at Hero Factory!

I put up a different one on FB last night, but it was so crazy-fun, I had to make another for you, my blog readers!

I grabbed this idea from Melissa (on Facebook) at Unfit Mother! Thanks for passing on the entertainments. Other blogging pals have picked up their powers: go check out: Hey, Ho, KellyGO and Pink Asparagus!

Hm, what's with the short 'do on my alter ego? I've been thinking about haircuts...


  1. I turned myself into a super hero, hence the short hair. It didn't occur to me that I could choose long hair.

    I apparently lack imagination :)

  2. I am keeping my long hair until after my dance recital in June. After then? I think I'm chopping it back!!


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