Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dash had his four-year checkup today. He did great, as usual! He's 35% for height, and 75% for weight, but somehow, that doesn't appear disproportionate on him. He told his doctor that his name was "Mr. Laser-Eyes" for some reason. He was in really good spirits for the entire appointment, even after I mentioned shots. He needed five total.

I asked him, "How many shots do you want, Dash? Ten?" He thought a minute & replied, "How about just five?" The doctor's eyes widened and she muttered, "I need to remember that one..." WIN!

Anyway, here is how he looked after the five shots. About what I expected. I'm betting that ploy is played out.


  1. lol i love the happy face/sad face. good stuff!

  2. I know!! What pathos. He was such a good sport. See all those toys there? I had to carry them to the car because after all the shots, his arms "weren't working."


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