Tuesday, June 23, 2009

End-of-school picnic

Rosie and her friend Margaret just finished their kindergarten year together. I am hoping over Summer break that we stay in touch with some of the close pals that she made in her class. Who knows how they will all be dispersed in First Grade. And that's right! I have a First Grader now. Despite a rocky start and some behavior relapses along the way, Rosie did fabulously in her final scores! Kudos to Rosie.

Huge thanks go out to my mom, who will be caring for Rosie all Summer. Yesterday was the beginning of week one of Rosie's first Summer break ever; she's been in full-day childcare since infancy, as has Dash. For those of us who work full-time or who have been out of school for a long time, it can be hard to wrap our heads around the reality that the school break is eleven (11) full weeks. That's practically three months of no school! I have Rosie in camps for three weeks and we'll be on vacation for one week. That still leaves seven entire weeks with just Grandma. Dash is already horribly jealous.

I'll be finding ways to break up the weeks for my mom, by either putting Rosie in backup care, bringing Rosie in to work with me, or arranging playdates. Anyone have helpful tips on how to creatively pass the summertime with a 6-year-old? My mom is averse to spending time in full sun, so that's a limitation. Tips please!

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