Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Have I introduced you to "Ghostie?"

Hi, my name is John, but Rosie likes to call me "Ghostie." I am very small and live in Rosie's pocket. Nobody else can see me, so I like to follow Rosie around. My favorite foods are fried chicken wings and rice. Rosie says I snore while I'm sleeping.

Sometimes I tell Rosie not to listen to her mommy. This weekend, when Rosie was running away from her mommy, I scared Rosie's mommy by pushing Rosie really fast toward a busy street. That was funny, but Rosie's mommy didn't think so. Rosie ratted me out, but that's okay; we were just having fun.

Anyway, I'll check in with you later.

John (a/k/a Ghostie)


  1. Wow. This both cracked me up and creeped me out. ... Bravo!

  2. Yeah, the weirdest part was that Rosie was running just like she was getting pushed. You know, like step-step-step, (push) run-run-run, step-step-step, (push) run-run-run. When I asked her to slow down and come back she said, "Ghostie's pushing me, Mom!"

    We just try to emphasize that it's more important to listen to Mommy than Ghostie. What else to do?

  3. Um, exorcism? Yikes!

    Her imagination has really blossomed, hasn't it? That seems like a great age.

  4. A had a friend named Lady. She would fly over the car while we were driving, sometimes coming in through the window to visit, and had to have a place at the table. It makes me sad that not only is she too old for lady now, but she doesn't even remember her.


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