Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Our tasty little man

When bitings occur, daycare is very careful to not let us know which of our children's "friends" did the biting. Their discretion is getting undermined by Dash, as he becomes more verbal every day. When we asked him who bit him (he's had two bites in the last week — that scrumptious boy!), he smiled and clearly answered, "Molly bite."

Not that we are thinking of retaliating at all; daycare has a biting-control process that works. I'm just amused that Dash is so forthcoming. :-)


  1. Jack tattles as well (I have written about it in my blog too!). What's funny is that his memory is loooong. According to him, Noah has been biting him once a week for months. In fact, Noah only bit him once, and the rest is just "remembering."

  2. Too funny! I think I saw your pic with Jack's bruises from the teeth (Noah's?). BTW, I was reading more of your blog yesterday and nominated you for best parenting blog! Love your photos and all the cute anecdotes about Jack.


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