Sunday, April 22, 2007

We are officially play-equipped!

Here is our fabulous new playset, in OUR yard, in beautiful afternoon light. BIG THANKS go out to Bill E., Jeff C., and Phil H.!! You all are the greatest—you enthusiastically brought your entire tool boxes to my house (including dremel tools, just in case) and took care of your power-tool joneses to our benefit. I appreciate the help Chalin and Cheryl gave, keeping the kids out of the danger zone, and special, enormous thanks go as always to AJS. He cooked a beef brisket on our smoker that he started yesterday and tended through the night; it was mouth-wateringly delicious.

As soon as the playset was staked (what Phil is doing in this phone-photo) our 9 and 10 year-old neighbors, who were checking up on us periodically (the chosen spot for it is in full view of the street), the two of them were swinging while Rosie, Dash and Matthew all bustled up the ladder and down the slide as quickly as toddlerly possible, complete with happy screaming.

This 2nd phone-photo (thanks, Bill!) shows all 3 of our tots crowded at at the top of the slide, while Cheryl and Phil keep them from falling off.

A quote from Rosie, which I wholeheartly endorsed, "WOO HOO!"

In support of Earth Day, I recycled all the packaging from the playset as well as a large amount of cardboard that had been taking up space in our shed. I intend to buy some pansies or small plantings and plant them with the kids; I hope Earth Day will give us a rain check.


  1. Woot! Green with envy over here!

  2. Venessa, when you come by with the jello shooters to enjoy by our CFL blacklights in the basement, your girls can romp it up on the playset!

    Just hang on while I get that lansing-alexandria transporter set up...


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