Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Reading about Virginia Tech...

I'm horrified and at a loss of words regarding the shooting deaths of the 33 students and teachers at Virginia Tech; I'm also with this commenter from the Situation Room blog on CNN:

Gun control laws aren't the problem. Please tell me, what's the current ideal body count to get CNN's patented 24-hour Bloodstained Hallway Coverage? Dead-end, no-life psychos all over America will want to be sure they've murdered enough innocent people to have their death in a hail of police gunfire properly glamorized. - Dave, Ontario

I don't know why yesterday's shooter did what he did. I'm more than a little worried that this guy is right in accusing the media of glamorizing the horror, encouraging others to join the fray. Look, do this and you'll get on TV!!

A note: AJS just told me that a woman he used to work with was the mother of one of the female students killed at Virginia Tech. My heart goes out to her.

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  1. Who wouldn't agree that the media loves a good story about violence? I turned on GMA this morning which I haven't done for, oh, a year. And was the headline? "Massacre at Virginia Tech." Yes, technically it was a massacre, but the motive in the headline was pure sensationalism. It's a real shame.

    And condolences to your friend. How devastating for the families!

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