Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dash is 23 months today

Here's a photo from my new phone of my sweet little Dash in his carseat, eating his favorite treat, chocolate. He's 23 months today, which means that we need to start sending invites out for his birthday party!

At 23 months, Dash is cheerful, very active, and is right on track with his verbal skills. He is putting together multi-word sentences, like "car, go, Mama, store!" when he wants to take a trip (probably to a store with chocolate for sale). He's quite the artist, using paints, crayons and tape, on all sorts of media (like the walls AND carpeting).

He loves his sister, Dju-Dju, and follows her around everywhere. Their favorite game is "hide" where they find a hiding place (especially Rosie's closet) giggle until AJS or I come to find them. In daycare when he's upset, his teachers know that a visit to Dju-Dju will cheer him up—I think he's over in Preschool visiting daily.

He's very empathetic when he hears a baby crying, letting me know, "sad baby, Mama." His favorite things right now are going outside, visiting our neighbor, James (5 years), stacking tall block-towers, trying out his potty, throwing balls, running, dancing, and counting (two, four, six, nine). He loves hot-doggas for dinner with tay-tos, noodles, chicken nuggets (nugga!), peas, and all kinds of beans.

When he does have tantrums, he's pretty easy to redirect. I managed to curtail diaper-changing meltdowns by pretending that his toes are my most treasured things in the world. :-D He now will offer his toes up for kisses with a huge smile instead of fighting for his life.

What will his birthday party theme be? His most loved toys are still ducks and Elmo, but Thomas the Tank Engine is rising in the ranks...


  1. So. Insanely. Cute.

    I love being able to take photos with my phone and instantly post them. I think cameras should have that function, too, don't you? A wireless connection and a keyboard on a great camera would make someone a ton of money.

  2. A comment from my dad, who is having trouble posting comments (dunno why?):

    Dash is such a joy. He sees his world as a wonderful place where good things will happen to him. When they don’t, he’s frustrated (where’s my chocolate!) and can get angry but I’ve never seen the anger directed at a member of his “flock.” Including, of course, beloved big sister Rosie who has to cope with Dash constantly wanting to be with her. Mostly though, happiness reigns – give him a stick or a balloon and enjoy the smiles!—Gpar


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