Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Proofs are here!

Picture Day at daycare was three weeks ago and we just got the proofs back. I grabbed the copyrighted images from and wish to let them know that I don't intend to alter or print these images (nor should you). I fully intend to buy packages.

Here are my picks; tell me what you think:


  1. Can you photoshop that Duckpin Dash face onto the school photo. Because that school foto look of his is most definitely NOT punk rock. He just looks kinda constipated.

  2. CUTIES!

    Liam always has that same look in school photos. Kind of like, "What is that? Is that machine going to steal my soul? Maybe everything will be okay if I show no emotion for it to feed on...."

  3. They are - of course - adorable. Dasher seems to be developing a contemplative side - hope it doesn't take over from "life's a ball!"

  4. c'mon - don't you see it? dash is thinking Really Deep Thoughts. he's probably figuring out how to get us out of iraq.

    very, very adorable pictures :)

  5. Oh so cute! I kinda like the constipated look. He looks angry and glaring like a proper hipster. :)

  6. Thanks, all! And, Dad, if his personality right now is any indication of his future self, "life's a ball!" is Dash!


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