Friday, May 11, 2007

Top ten music challenge

Kelly O set a music query out to her readers: "Here are ten of my all-time favs. What are yours?"

While most of these tunes never made it on the radio, my criteria are: that the song sends those lovely chills up the spine, I loved the tune enough to buy it and play it over and over, I actually know the words and occasionally sing along at the highest volume allowed, and —if appropriate— sends me running out on the dance floor without any prodding. So here goes (I added some lyrics and oddly, found that many of my favorite songs have birds mentioned; funny.):

Dead Can Dance: "As the Bell Rings, the Maypole Spins"

David Sylvian: "September"
The sun shines high above / The sounds of laughter / The birds swoop down upon / The crosses of old grey churches

Depeche Mode: "Dream On"

Sinead O'Connor: "Troy"
Oh, I love you / God, I love you / I'd kill a dragon for you / I’ll die / But I will rise / And I will return / The Phoenix from the flame

Violent Femmes: "Blister in the Sun"
When I'm out walkin' I strut my stuff / Man, I'm so strung out / I'm high as a kite and I just might stop to check you out

Ministry: "We Believe"
In the east where the bear is dancing / In the west where the eagle flies / In the middle we stand our ground / The forces pull us down, down, down / We believe

Peter Murphy: "Cuts You Up"
I find you in the morning / After dreams of distant signs / You pour yourself over me / Like the sun through the blinds / You lift me up

Tones on Tail: "Lions"

Love and Rockets: "Rain Bird"
Rain bird flies to the edge of a gilded cage / Hiding in the spotlights / Of a famous stage / He tries to become invisible / Whilst stealing the front page

Yann Tiersen: "Les Jours Tristes"


  1. Pretty grim bunch of dirges there. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trapped in a loveless marriage with bitter narcissist who just doesn't understand the real you. Maybe we can discuss this over a bowl of oats and a bottle of Thunderbird 'round my place. I can put some soft romantic Neubauten music on and we can talk about love.

  2. That's a great list. LOVE "Blister in the Sun," I should have included it, too. How much do you cringe when you see it used to sell hamburgers -- WTF? Do they know what it's about? Ew.

  3. And Blister in the Sun isn't what you think it's about, so mind outta the gutter, sicko.

  4. Neubauten is as soft and romantic as that Thunderbird, babe. And I think I'll throw in some uplifting lyrics to highlight how non-dirge-like these songs are. I do like me some minor keys, but death-rock, no.

    Whenever Blister in the Sun gets radio airplay these days, I practically jump out of my skin! But, I don't get it selling product either. Whatever.

  5. GEEZ. i learned something new today about blister in the sun. liked it better when i thought it was dirtier and not used for selling Wendys burgers. of course, various Who songs apparently are used to sell Cadillacs (and about a zillion other products now). pete townsend has sold my teen angst down the river.

    cool list! tones on tail -- haven't thought of them in a looong while.

    so sorry about your loveless marriage, though ;-)

  6. Yes, Gano, who became a Jesus crispy (that's deep fried religion), says it's "not" about masturbation (quotes Wikipedia's). "Body and beats, I stain my sheets / I don't even know why / My girlfriend she's at the end / she is starting to cry." My mind is still firmly planted in the gutter.

    Either way, who wants their burgers reminding them of blisters?

  7. Wendy's should have used the Creedence song "There's a Bathroom on the Right." Much more apropos, particularly after having Ranch Triple Burger and a bowl of chili.


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