Thursday, May 10, 2007

If you clean your plate...

Dash is learning the rules. Rosie knows, if she wants to have a treat after dinner, she has to eat everything on her plate; it's usually not a large amount, it's just different foods that she's too picky to try. It's her choice to make the effort or not. Dash has been learning from Rosie. He likes treats too (especially chocolate: boc-boc!) and asks for them well before he's eaten much dinner.

Until yesterday, he seemed to think that we'd be fooled if he just pushed his extra food off the plate onto the table, or gave it away to us. (Ha! Not quite, Dash.) But last night, he finally got it. He heard Rosie was talking about chocolate, then grabbed all his food in two fists and shoved it all into his mouth at once, moistly yelling, "BOC-BOC!!"

His plate was clean (he held it up for us to examine), so he got one Hershey's kiss.

"Was it good, Dash?" "Gud."

(P.S. tonight's dinner: all he wanted/ate was oranges and didn't ask for any treats.)


  1. CUTE! I can totally picture that.

    Thea is picky about food, too. Not so much specific foods, but if one food is touching another, she won't eat it. Even though I know that's fairly common, I find it a bit weird.

  2. Our kids seemed to go in stages. El at age 1 will eat ANYTHING. Em just turned 3 and for the last 6 months she refuses to eat hardly a thing. A who will be 6 is just starting to get back into trying new things, and is also able to eat stuff she doesn't really care for without lots of exaggerated gagging noises. So I guess that means I have 5 more years of picky eaters?

  3. I think Dash hammered 3 of those fruit cups, maybe 4. It's like he was doing orange shots as part of an elaborate bar bet.

    You know what gets me? When the Chinese carryouts cut my sub sandwich into FOUR pieces. WTF is that about? They ALL do that. I gotta tell them, "Cut in HALF. One slice. You savvy?" And they just look at me like I'm from Planet Maniac and just nod their heads. But damn, that really frosts my Kelvinator.

    So I can sympathize with Thea. It's like, "Who do we have to kill to get some compartmentalization going on in the plate department? The spaghetti sauce is getting all up in my limas."


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