Saturday, May 12, 2007

Now we know who did it!

Me (feeling sandpapery grains on scalp): "Dash, did you throw sand in your hair?"

Dash: "Djeah!"

AJS: "Oh, he'll say yes to anything. Dash, did you shoot McKinley?

Dash: "Djeah!"

And here's a video of our little man, for your viewing pleasure:


  1. i bet he knows where jimmy hoffa is, too.

  2. Such concentration! So adorable.

  3. You know, Dash actually sat next to me for a really long time (30 mins?) on Sunday morning while I repaired a bead-bracelet for my MIL. He was trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to feed a string through really tiny beads and managed to link several small wire hoops together (while Rosie watched Peter Pan).

    I was imagining future sessions of beadwork and fine crafts with my boy by my side! :D

  4. Striblings excel at mind-numbing repetitive tasks. The kid's a born, scrivener.


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