Monday, July 23, 2007

Dash's 2-Year Checkup

Dash just saw our favorite doctor today, Dr. Arnold! She has an almost preternatural ability to remember details about Dash and Rosie (even when the other isn't present), like, "of course he would have to be incredibly verbal, to keep up with his big sister!" She checked him out and we both agreed that he is doing fabulously! His weight is 28.5 lbs, height is 35 in, and head circ is 19.25 cm (percentiles respectfully: 52, 60, & 52). His verbal & physical skills are right on target and his fine motor skills are above average. She was very impressed with the birthday gift he gave me! (See 7/18 post.) He's eating a variety of different foods and plays very well with Rosie. The ear tubes still looked fine, too.

I was running late for the appointment, so when it came time for me to ask any questions, I was frazzled and completely blank. We'll see if anything comes up. Hopefully there wasn't anything important that I missed; it was such a Dash-love-fest. I love you, little boy!

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