Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Two milestones

This past weekend, we celebrated Dash's birthday with many friends (70!) at our home. The weather was fabulous, and AJS's barbecue supremely tasty. At large gatherings like this where I am the hostess and have two children in my care, I feel like I really am unable to engage with everyone. There are always a few people who were there and left and I was hardly there to do more than hail them as they came and went. I can only hope that they found other friends to speak with and enjoyed themselves.

Dash did pretty well at the party for not napping earlier in the day (he had a few cranky moments and seemed zoned out, here and there). Thank goodness Auntie M showed up and kept Rosie entertained! Prior to her arrival, Rosie spent most of her time indoors. She seemed happier and more engaged with Auntie to boss around.

Sheryl baked us two fabulous cakes that everyone enjoyed. Thanks, Sheryl! And Dash could hardly wait to play with all of his new toys and read the books. However, he was so tired that he wanted to go straight to bed and forego my favorite ritual of being held while I sing songs. *snf* Actually, he's only been interested in songs one day this week and seems to prefer that I read books to him while he's in his crib now. I guess that's why we have birthday parties — to mark a milestone with a ritual, bringing attention to change and growth.

On Sunday, I took the kids to see the Os after lunch and they played so well together! before we all went for a walk around Lake Artemesia. On the walk, we brought Tina (the coon hound) along, because of course dogs like walkies! But, Rosie was very wary of Tina and refused to walk. Kelly saved the day by letting Rosie ride in her double stroller with Thea. YAY! Dash was in my stroller, so that left the youngest of our four kids, Liam, as the only one walking. You're tops in my book, Liam. And thanks for shlepping Rosie, Kelly (and Todd). You guys are great friends.

Heather's baby shower was that afternoon; very nice and fun for the kids. Emma was in the wading pool and Rosie actually joined her! I'm very surprised, since she's usually not interested in water. Emma is such a sweetie and is going to love being a big sister. I have photos of the shower and will post soon.

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  1. We couldn't have kept Liam in the stroller, anyway! That boy is always on the move. It's exhausting, really.


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