Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Glasses Frames!

I've had the same glasses frames since 1997, maybe earlier. This picture is of me and Rosalie (at 6mos), taken in 2003 (and, yes, she is watching TV with me). I bought the frames back when I was coloring my hair red, and they looked great with red hair! They look fine with my natural brown, but after 10 years, it's time for a change. Most definitely.

At my eye appointment yesterday with my fabulous eye doctor, Saba Ayalew, I picked some beautiful new frames! I have been having my eyes checked by Dr. Ayalew for about 12 years (but missed the past 2 year's appts), and had a big shock recently when I saw her at my kids' daycare center with a six-month-old!

Anyway, here is a advertising image of the frames I chose. I should have them in a few weeks:

I've been planning to design my next tattoo with dragonflies (or damselflies, need to do research), so these are perfect!


  1. Oo, these are cool. Can't wait to see them!

  2. COOL! i need new glasses, too. i can't wait to check them out :)


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