Friday, June 06, 2008

Dash gets his own chores, too

We haven't been too good about insisting that the kids have chores. For my own sanity, I really could use the help. During dinner last night, Dash spilled some of his milk, asked for a napkin to wipe it up, and as he was wiping, he told us, "I helping clean up! I get em-nems!"

I jumped on this. I announced, "Well, Rosie helps set the table, so Dash can help clear it and put dishes away." Dash agreed and Rosie said she wanted to help, too (didn't happen for Rosie -- she was already absorbed in a handheld vidgame).

Dash and I went into the kitchen and put plates next to the sink, then I enlisted him in unloading the dishwasher. He was very enthusiastic with the utensil sorter I put next to him! He'd put one fork away, then beam at us, saying, "I DID IT!"

I think he wanted an M&M for each spoon. Seriously.

We managed to hold off until he sorted all the utensils & put away the kid-dishes. By then, I offered him daifukumochi and he forgot all about the chocolates!


  1. Exactly what I was thinking...
    What a sweetheart

    Of course, I am prejudiced being his grandma!

    Granddad says he is violent and aggressive due to his being in training to be a Jedi warrior;-)

  2. That's not the Jedi way. Agressive jedis get their light sabers taken away. Also, no chocolate.


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