Monday, June 23, 2008

Take the preschoolers bowling...

Dash's 3rd birthday party took place in two parts: first at a duckpin bowling alley and second at KellyO & Todd's house. Early in the a.m., we picked up his bowling-themed, blueberry birthday cake (name spelled correctly, check!) and then headed to College Park to meet his friends for an hour of bowling. His main posse from daycare, Matthew, Collin, Riley, and Amelia, arrived as well as his dear friends Liam, Keaton, and Gabriela; siblings Rosie's age included Thea & Ethan, who showed the rest how to play the game.

The bowling alley suggested I tell my guests to arrive early, as we they'd cut us off promptly after 60 mins; even so, most guests unfamiliar with the area were very late. Google maps told most people to head away from the bowling alley or do an unnecessary U-turn, so I blame Google! Aargh. All the kids LOVED the bowling. Huge hit, and we plan to go again soon. A few of the boys couldn't resist running full-tilt down the long carpeted area behind the lanes (with parents charging after them) and one speedy wee tot, a new walker, made it about halfway down lane 5 before her mom caught her.

After our time was up, we had some very hot cheese pizza, then broke out the cake—Dash did a grand job of blowing out his candles! I hope he gets his wish, whatever it may have been. The bowling portion of the party quickly dissolved, despite me impressing everyone with how much fun the the adults will have at the Os for afterparty. Ethan and Gabriela V. were so enamored with the bowling, they stayed to rent another lane well after we left. You rock the lanes, Vs! I think only two non-host families from the bowling party took me up on it; it was a lovely, intimate gathering with good food and lots of fun in the kiddie pool. Thank you, Kelly & Todd for hosting! We <3 you all!!

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  1. Yay for the fun birthday parties!

    Glad two of my four kids were able to make it. ;-)


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