Monday, June 09, 2008

Sequins! Glitter! Velvet!

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This weekend was busy with photos and pomp. Rosie's ballet class had their dress rehearsal for the recital next weekend (and mine did as well, but this post is not about moi). She looked so adorable! All the little dancers did; I say dancers, because there is one boy in the program, Christopher, who is right front-and-center with Rosie in their dance.

When the first chubby group of pre-ballet kids was revealed on stage by the parting of the curtain, oh, my eyes teared up, they were so sweet! Rosie's class was about 5th in the program and she did very well. The tune for their dance is something like "My teacher made a dancer out of me" and is in an interesting minor key. Watch and see:


  1. BRAVO to the little sweetheart:-)

  2. Oh my... I think I teared up with all the sweetness. It must be PMS.


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