Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Picture day for the dance recital is this Saturday!

And my face looks like this. I think a mosquito bit my cheek while I was
weeding the yard and it got itchy, so I scratched with my gardening
glove. There are at least 4 types of vines in the rear of my yard. I
identified english ivy and honeysuckle, but the others didn't look like
the "3-leaves-let-them-be" that I recall. Obviously, I must have
encountered something nasty!

Hopefully, I can get the photo taken on my other side? Wikipedia sez
poison ivy can take 2 weeks to heal.


  1. That looks like what i had so it's probably poison ivy or poison oak (i don't know if you have oak trees nearby)....drag.

  2. Oh, duuuuude! That looks painful. :(

  3. Use roundup or vinegar and spray from a distance. If you are allergic, you can get poison ivy from the breeze.

    It could be sumac.
    I think I saw some in your yard. I had that on my ankles when I was a kid. I could only wear sandals and my ankles were swollen. Poison sumac oozes too.

  4. owowow. hope you're better by now!

  5. Yes...but at least you did it on accident.


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