Friday, June 13, 2008

What's in our Zoo bag?

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The question for this morning's scramble: do I have all the things we need for an afternoon trip to the Zoo? Dash's teachers wanted to take their class of two- and three-year-olds to the Zoo, but they aren't legal for field trips. So, they called all the parents to see if we'd be up for bringing our little people along. I think all but one parent were up for it! Hooky! It's a beautiful day for it.

Dash and I are very fair-skinned, so I have HATS and SUNBLOCK.
I have a WATERBOTTLE, bike-style, that I plan to fill before I leave the office.
I have FLIP-FLOPS packed, to replace my strappy office heels.
I have a CAMERA! And Monkeyrotica packed me extra batteries + memory card.
I also have MOSQUITO REPELLENT, but am hoping I won't need it.
Since Dash isn't potty trained yet, I'm sure DIAPERS & WIPES will need to be transferred from the diaper bag to the Zoo bag.

One thing I forgot was to pack the sling; even though Dash is a few weeks shy of 3, he still likes to be carried when tired. The Zoo is a lot of walking. And my, that sling has come in handy! He could easily ride on my back in the sling and I'd still be able to have both hands free. If there's time, I may speed by the house and grab it. The strollers in our house have been stashed for at least six months and I'm not about to drag them out of the attic now.

Let me know if you think I'm missing anything essential!

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  1. a little snack? we're fonz members, so we can get some free popcorn love, but even then, i have to pack juice boxes. and i'm thinking more of something for you, as i see you lugging him up the hills!

    have a great time!


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