Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Breakfast with Weegee

It just warms my heart the way the kids have taken to Weegee. On
Sunday night after baths (Weegee took his in the sink), the kids
insisted that Weegee come to their room & listen to books with them.
Rosie even became brave enough to let Weegee perch on her finger and
give him head scratches without me putting him in a headlock. By
today, she's been feeding him from her plate and kissing him directly
on his head. Dash is following her lead. See how Weegee is sitting in
between them? That's because they would both start to weep if he sat
too far from either of them. We got it all worked out and our flock
had a lovely breakfast together. BTW, you might be wondering why on a
Wednesday that we are eating breakfast together? The schools are
closed, so I have both kids (and a parrot) at home today.


  1. Ya, that honeymoon period will be over soon enough and then poor weegee will be getting in the way all the time

  2. Weegee is my "oldest child" in a way, as he's 11 years old and I've had him since he was a fledgling. It seems like the kids have just noticed him as a household pet whereas prior, he was an annoying ornament. I hope it's more than a honeymood period! He'll probably live another 40 years!!

  3. Aw, one big happy family. So cute.


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