Friday, January 09, 2009

Not the post I wanted to write, but it'll pass for today

I've got all sorts of photos and ideas for posts in my head, I just can't seem to find the time to put them together up on the blog. It's close to a writer's cramp, but with responsibilities, work, and chores getting in the way. I'm even on borrowed time as I type!

Just a few thoughts: Rosie had a relapse at school this week and is back to her old tricks (or lack of them, the teacher's main complaint is that she's not participating, staring into space and the like.) We hope that she'll have an easier time of it, getting back into the rhythm, since this time she's got a few months of good reports before break! Rosie is such a sweetheart, and so smart, I know she'll figure it out again.

Just yesterday we had an incident that was a brilliant combination of scary, flaky, and negligent. We signed her up for an afterschool art class with the PTA. Because of the demand, they had to open up a second class for an alternate day, thursday. Because it was a late decision, the PTA didnt get a roster of students for the Thursday class. We reminded her of her class in the morning, sent her in with a painting smock and scheduled a pickup at 4:45 pm. At 4:08, I get a call from a neighborhood mom that nobody was at the busstop to pick her up. Aargh! She wasn't supposed to take the bus! And she was really looking forward to the class! Not to mention the steep lab fees that I probably won't get back. Thanks to the nice moms at the busstop who took Rosie under their wing, the situation could have been a lot worse. I had a long chat with Rosie about remembering schedules, and her teachers are now alerted, so I hope all goes more smoothly next week.


  1. UGH. Poor Rosie, poor Nylon. That must have been scary.

  2. We had one of those "get on the bus when you aren't supposed to" days last year. It is so scary for everyone. Thank goodness for your nice neighbors!


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