Sunday, January 11, 2009

Portrait of Ernie

During arts & crafts time at Auntie M's with the kids, I took advantage of art supplies the kids weren't using and drew Ernie the parakeet with colored pencils and pastels. Rosie and Dash were occupied with painting Dash's wooden train tracks with various watercolor hues.

We intended to meet at a park and let the kids run around, but the weather didn't cooperate. About 10 minutes after we left, it started pouring rain! So, off to the crafts bin we went. Drawing Ernie was a bit of a warmup for the "painting-pet-portraits party" that we have planned for next weekend, except that it's the wrong style. We'll be using more of a waif-on-black-velvet look. Oh it'll be awesome! I can hardly wait!

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  1. Your drawing is fantastic!! I love parakeets, I have a whole parakeet FAQ page I maintain ( and for a while considered running a parakeet store. I browsed a lot of parakeet products and it's not easy to find good artwork of them online, even though you'd think otherwise. This is really beautiful. Wish I could draw like this.

    I just noticed my blog is showing up in "links to this post" -- must be because I have a widget which automatically includes bloggers who've updated recently (on the left side).

  2. oh I meant to make that link active. Oops. Here it is: parakeet FAQ. I mean, people could cut & paste but I'm too lazy for that...

  3. Hi spleeness! And thanks for the compliments. Drawing for fun is really where it all began for me, back when I was a girl, but I rarely make time for it anymore. Since part of my job involves illustration, it smacks of work. If i'd been at home, I would have left the kids to their painting & done a load of laundry, but since we were all at my sister's, I let myself play. I did enjoy myself! And those keets are cuties; I'll be sure to check out yr page & send my sis the link. Thanks!

  4. Nice drawing there, lady. I see where Rosie gets her artz skillz.

  5. Your talents are wasted blogging. You should be out doing portraits of rich and famous parakeets everywhere. Excellent drawing.

  6. She did this in about 20 minutes, what skillz indeed! If only my parakeet was rich and famous.

  7. This is really lovely. I can't wait for Sunday!


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