Thursday, January 22, 2009

My 500th Post!! Uncle John.

What better way to celebrate my 500th blog post than a lovely, warm photo of my family! Including surprise visitor, Uncle John!!

We were thrilled on Monday when we received an unexpected phone call from Monkeyrotica's brother, John. He was nearby and on his way over! Why so thrilled? Well, it's a long story, but essentially, we haven't seen John in four years. This was the first time that Dash met his Uncle John; having an uncle was only a theory, prior to four days ago.

Our visit was happy, the kids love him, and we all got caught up on what John's doing with himself. John's career has always been in dangerous security details, first traveling all over the U.S. to do private protection, then his work took him overseas to train security professionals in Afghanistan and other locations in the Middle East. We used to see him a few times a year, as work allowed, but he was injured four years ago. Ironically, he was not injured on his high-risk job, but slipped on some ice on a sidewalk outside his apartment building and out went his back. While he was recuperating from that injury, he was t-boned in a car accident, which exacerbated his bad back. Needless to say, sadly, long car trips to visit the family were out of the question for much too long. Now, he's back up, looks great, and is interviewing to get back into the thick of it!!

The Strings are looking forward to having Uncle John back in our circle. At least, as regularly as before. Growing up, I only saw my uncles, aunts, and cousins twice a year at most, and those visits meant a great deal to me. Family connections are important to children, sometimes even mysterious (that person is related to me?). I'm so glad that we are close to immediate family and have opportunities to visit our relatives in just a short car trip. Maybe soon, we can take the kids to visit their second-cousins and great aunts & uncles on a longer car ride? They would love it!!


  1. Well you actually have cousins right here in VA if they can ever coordinate themselves

  2. Growing up, I only saw my uncles, aunts, and cousins twice a year at most, and those visits meant a great deal to me.

    As an Army brat, we often only got to see relatives once every other year or so and it was always a big deal. A lot of my most treasured childhood memories came from those brief stops in Florida and DC. Creating memories like that for my own child is part of the reason we took the plunge and moved to Fargo for six months.

  3. Holy CRAP-OLA!! 500th Post and a suprise family visit? Both ROCK!! Yay!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  4. Hill Rat, we've extended invitations to local family (Springfield & Silver Spring) to come and enjoy the hospitality at our Alexandria party-house, with Monkeyrotica cooking at the grill. Our friends, who are known to cancel standing invitations and jump at the chance to eat food that he's prepared expertly, know what they'd be missing. I hope that our extended family will accept an invite so my kids can hang out with their cousins, but so far, it's been herding cats.


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