Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Any Entymologists out there?

I found this gorgeous, large, and unfortunately very dead moth outside my front door yesterday. Anyone know what sort of moth it is? It's a really beautiful light green with a fluffy white body and brown-yellow accent colors. I especially love the feathery antennae. Its wingspan might be about 5-6 inches across.

UPDATE (from Little Max): It's a Luna Moth! Wikipedia says the adult stage of the Actias luna lasts only 7 days and they emerge from the pupa solely to mate (adults have no mouth—all their eating was done as a caterpillar).

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What a strange world we share; imagine suddenly being a fantastically beautiful winged creature with one goal in your short life: finding a sex partner to fertilize eggs (then lay the eggs and die)? Anyone have a short story for this plot?


  1. 'ts a Luna Moth! They're gorgeous!

  2. So you're born, you mate, then you die? Lucky.

  3. It's great that you get these around where you are. If you have a white sheet and throw it over a black light, you may be able to attract them (and hundreds of other critters) at night.


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