Thursday, August 06, 2009

New sundress, handmade by yours truly

I just finished sewing this sundress for Rosie so she could wear it on our beach trip (& soon we'll be running out of Summer, so, no procrastinating). I used fracking rick rack and the works, man!!

The pattern and (so-cute pink Japanese-circles) fabric were purchased at Hancock fabrics. Sizing ended at 8 and Rosie's wearing 7 now, so I just cut it out for 8 in case she might get some wear out of it next year.

If she's outgrown it by then, here's looking at you, Hey, Ho, Kellygo's Thea!!


  1. WOW!! That looks AMAZING! You are one talented lady.

  2. it's lovely! my gf is on her way over for a little sewing and vodka as I comment :) I think we're making men's dress shirts turned shirt dresses for little girls. We'll see. We might just be drinking.

  3. Very nice. Are you putting dresses on Etsy now? You should. (i'm sure you have nothing but time on your hands to whip up these masterpieces ;-) )


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