Monday, August 10, 2009

Rosie & Dash on the pony

Just like previous years, Rosie and Dash wanted a ride on the coin-op pony.

Only this year, a crazy, freak storm broke out right after their ride. The sky went black, lightning flashed, and thunder boomed. Once the wind started kicking up the sand into our eyes and a funnel was visible on the horizon, we started running for our lives!

Dash tripped, and I wasn't able to stop in time. I trod on his arm (lightly, I hope—due to my dance training). All's well, we got to the beach house immediately before the skies opened up & Dash only has a small bruise today.


  1. Wow! Rosie looks like she is getting too big for the pony.
    Re: funnel-- when life gets exciting it is usually excitement you don't need-- says grandma S, survivor of 9/11

  2. One small bruise: not bad. Hooray for your dance class!


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