Sunday, August 30, 2009

At The Counter

We just ordered lunch at "The Counter," a burger place in Reston, VA.
The waitress sat down with us as I described an elaborate "burger" for
Rosie that we'll dismantle as soon as it arrives. It's grilled
chicken, with bacon, carrots, and black olives on an English muffin.
She looks happy now, but she typically eats all of these things
separately. We'll see how it goes when they arrive and it's all
assembled and warm!! Eep.


  1. Yum! Everything's good on an English muffin!!

  2. So right!! And Rosie did eat the english muffin, solo, but slathered with a non-traditional-Counter condiment: butter. The waiter looked at us like aliens on that request & eventually came up with it in the kitchen.

    Elsewise, she ate the bacon. The rest were leftovers. We tried, right?


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