Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rosie Loves Dash: Four Years Old

And it's pretty obvious that Dash loves her right back, isn't it? This compilation is from another popular subject in Rosie's camera captures, her little brother. Admittedly, the image in the center is one that I took, but the rest are all hers.

The other subject that she seems to take a lot of photos of? Images that will never see the light of day and are getting trashed immediately off the harddrive? Her cr0t¢h. I guess her lap is right there, y'know. And sometimes the p@nt!es just need a little airing, in her eyes. Nope, nothing to see here.

I'll get some photos of the actual beach and sand up soon, for real. These were just hilarious and sweet to me.


  1. How about some great photos of Rosie's face...

  2. HA! I snatched (hehe) my camera up one day and got the "Memory Full" reading. Hmmm. Scrolling the pics, Miss Gab had secretly entertained herself by taking tons of photos of her legs, feet, and then BAM! The Money Shot!



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