Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dash's dance class

The Dance Studio that the kids and I take classes at had open studio this week and I was able to see all the technique that they've learned this season. Dash's class of 3 and 4 year olds was soooo adorable to watch. The teacher is terribly ingenious at getting the smaller kids to try the moves, by introducing imaginary play that mimics the ballet poses that they need to learn. I'm very proud of Dash's abilities, he did so well!

In this photo, the dancers are lining up in twos and threes to travel, learning step-hops or skate-step in unison or with the beat of the music. Dash, with his shaggy unkempt bed-head, is holding hands with Genevieve, a friend from his daycare. I swear, some of the parents sent their girls in with professional hair-dos! The blond in front had a halo-style French braid sprinkled with glitter complete with glitter accents on her eyelids and cheeks.

Dash is waving to his audience and loving galloping around the room (they pretend to ride horses, which teaches chassé) to all end up twirling into an improvised pose at the back of the room. One girl has already chosen a lunge-type pose, while the rest are still in motion.

Here they are at the barre, learning tendus. Notice that Dash is looking confidently forward, while the other students are either looking confused, watching him, or getting direct instruction from the teacher.

He is going to be such a great ballet dancer, I can tell! I do hope he continues with the practice; there are so few boys in the upper levels. We tell him that there always needs to be a Prince in the traditional ballets, right? Who will the ballerinas have to perform with?

I wonder, at what age should I consider taking him to a ballet performance? I'm not sure he'd sit through one at this age...


  1. I think when you were Bluebirds we took the troup to the Nutcracker Suite Ballet in Chicago.

    My attention span only lasted as long as the costume changes. All the girls were very well-behaved. Not sure what age you were then.

    In the first photo, I see a young Patrick Swayze with his pick of girlfriends;-)

  2. These pictures are insanely cute!!


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