Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dash's (first!!) Family Drawing

While at the back-up daycare last Friday (the regular school was closed), Dash drew me this lovely representation of our family. This is the first time EVER that I've seen him draw something figurative that looks anything like he intended. His typical drawings tend to be, um, much more abstract (and are awesome!).

He told me that that's him on the far left, then Rosie, then ME (the biggest, and most important, I'd like to think, right?), and Monkeyrotica on the far right. I forgot to ask why his daddy had dots on his hands and feet, but he told me all about what I first assumed were some sort of dickey on our chests. They are our tongues. Explanation? He has been rather obsessed with his new Pokémon toy, Lickilicky.


  1. My, those are quite the Gene Simmons-ish tongues you have there!

  2. I'd like to think of the holes as stigmata.

  3. That is funny, because when I gave him the Pokemon toy, he threw it.

  4. monkeyrotica: so, you're the resurrected one, eh? somehow, i figured you'd have longer hair...

  5. Mary Lynn, have you looked at pics of Lickilicky? His tongue is as big as his torso! And the name is sooo fun to say.

    Monkey, stigmata, sure. Would he have gotten that from the MGM Bible movie you two were watching? He has been talking about g0d an awful lot. Asking random peeps, "Do you know that g0d made you?" etc.

    Mom, well, Lickilicky is very round and ball-like.

    IMGoph, Hi there! Nope, Dash left off the hair. I guess you'll never know. Or you can ask him next time we see you!

  6. Hey, that Bible movie didn't have any Jeebus in it at all. Just Adam through Abraham. The only Jeebus he got was Ben Hur and that was years ago.

  7. I think Dash see you all as being part of the Ziggy family. He is the best looking one and does not look like Ziggy.


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