Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Rosie in her birthday apron

I custom-ordered an adorable handmade apron for Rosie from an Etsy seller's shop, thischickadee. Before presenting it to her on her special day, I packed the pockets with clay modeling tools (clay was the gift she asked me for). She was delighted by all her birthday gifts and especially loves her apron, made in purple and pink (fave colors) and a birdie pattern on the fabric. Can anyone spot another bird in the photo? ;-)

The apron looks so sweet on her, and now she'll never be without pockets.


  1. Rosie's brother and grandma are hiding in the photo as well!

  2. Ha...is the bird actually ON her head or is that just an optical illusion?

    Very cute apron! I love that you put the clay inside the pockets.

  3. He is totally on her head! That's a bird's favorite place to be, since in bird world, whomever's highest is dominant (keep 'em lower than your shoulder, and you're in charge). And, they get to play with your hair.

    Did you find Dash? He's a blur of hand-waving and medium-brown hair right behind Rosie's right shoulder.


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