Monday, December 21, 2009

The Lost Photos: Dash's 4th Birthday

Dash turned four this summer! But then, the photos from his party promptly got buried in a folder labeled with random words that had nothing to do with birthdays.

Dash had a Pirate Party, complete with awesome pirate cake!

See how he admires his awesome pirate cake? He's probably thinking about eating it.

Oh, yes, it will be good.

Wait, what?

Can you believe how I'm torturing poor Dash? I'm making him wait and wait while his friends sing the Happy Birthday song. Can you see how he glowers in pain?

Oh, whew, gratification fulfilled.

Happy birthday little dude!

Just because it was hilarious, I'm adding this photo in for you. A little friend of Dash's, Peyton, had such a splasherific time in our kiddie pool that she got all her clothes sopping wet. And what party favor did we have excessive amounts of thanks to Oriental Trading Company? Bandannas!! Peyton went home dressed entirely in pirate bandannas. Oh, it was fun.

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  1. That's one angry baby. Maybe next time you won't taunt Happy Fun Boy.


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