Friday, November 18, 2011

How NaBloPoMo is affecting my life, and a list.

I'm more than halfway through NaBloPoMo, and there have been some result from all these posts in my daily life, or at the very least, discussions.

Nov. 1: I wrote about why I blog. All that writing and digging for images really  got me digging around on in our photo drive. I found stuff I'd never seen before.

Nov. 2: I wrote about a Philly vacation.
Monkeyrotica sent me photos that I'd forgotten about or had never seen from that trip and it started a discussion about places that we'd go next time we visit.

Nov. 3: I wrote about Dash's reading skills. I think I was deluding myself on how well he was doing with the reading here, because at the Parent-Teacher conference, his teacher painted me a different picture.

Nov. 4: I wrote about upcoming events. This sort of calendar list really helps Monkey. I know what's coming up, but he's not in my head, so putting it all out in an email or *a blog post* gives him a clearer idea of what I've got planned.

Nov. 5: I wrote about The Vices that Made Virginia. I linked to this post on Twitter and got a bunch of good feedback from friends.

Nov. 6: I compiled a photo essay featuring Rosie and Thea. While digging for other photos, I noticed we had dozens of Rosie with her friends, especially Thea, who Rosie has known since Thea's birth and posted one for each year. Thea's parents both thanked me for putting up all the sweet photos of our girls!

Nov. 7: I posted about Parent-Teacher meetings. My mom has been suggesting for a while now that Dash might be dyslexic, because his reading skills have been so slow to progress. After I posted a photo of his writing work, she showed it to some former teachers that she knows and declared him dyslexia-free. But, he may need a tutor.

Nov 8: I wrote about Dash's karate class. Writing about it helped me become better prepared for his promotion test, I'm not sure about Dash, however...

Nov 9: I compiled photos of the family pet. Nothing significant here.

Nov. 10: I wrote about an amazing rework of a small space: Monkey and I had a serious conversation about getting rid of the old desk and moving a drafting table into the office! We have one in the shed that may be in some disrepair, but I'm psyched! Let's get this one going.

Nov. 11: I started baking the rainbow cake for Rosie's birthday. I got tons of cheers and comments offline on this one (I was live-tweeting and posting on Facebook, too).

Nov. 12: I posted about Rosie's birthday party. I also tons of cheers and comments offline on this one.

Nov. 13: I posted another through-the-years photo compilation on Rosie's birthdays. I got some great feedback on the adorable photos, as well as became elated at finding the images for...

Nov. 14: My post on locating images from a long-lost photo shoot. I've since gone back and found other images in strange places that I thought were long gone. My next task: organizing all the photos! Ach, who am I kidding?

Nov. 15: I posted photos of Monkey's parents and added details about his dad's ancestors. The result? Monkey has started calling me the "Starter Wife." Greeaaat.

Nov. 16: I posted a photo from Dash's promotion test. I'm pretty dubious about whether he passed. He looks good in the photo, though!

Nov. 17: I posted a photo of Rosie reading to Dash. As sweet as it gets. No discussion or feedback necessary.

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