Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm so lucky...

That my kids love each other so much!


  1. It's true. Their relationship is really special.

  2. That's awesome. I feel lucky about the same thing. Sometimes I go up to the family room to see our kids snuggled up together, watching TV, all of their own accord. I have friends whose kids fight a lot, so I'm grateful that my kids get along well most of the time.

  3. Can't celebrate that too much.

    I've been amazed by how much our boys really seem to have each other as one of the coolest things in each of their respective universes.

  4. Thanks, pals! Having two kids so that they can be automatic playmates doesn't always work out for everyone, but it's great when it does. Kelly and Mary Lynn, your kids both have the sweetest relationships and I'm glad to have gotten to know them IRL and via blog over the years. Wiley, your boys are going to be so much fun as they grow together! I'm planning to check in on your blog to see the bumps and tumbles as they do. :-)


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