Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rosie's Rainbow Birthday Cake (part 2 of 2)

Rosie told me that she wanted a "rainbow cake" for her birthday months ago, and I had it all planned out, I did my research and was ready. But really, you can only know what you got yourself into once you've done it yourself. The ultimate result was a lovely (if a bit fragile) cake that looked almost exactly like I thought it would. See, the birthday girl was happy with the results and that's all that matters.

Happy birthday, Rosie!

To make the cake, it required two boxes of mix, oil, egg whites and water as directed. I bought special "food paste" at Williams and Sonoma to get the vibrant colors. Keep in mind if you use these to color your food: a little red goes a looooong way. My red and orange look pretty similar, but that's not for lack of yellow in the orange!

There was about 1.5 cups of mix per layer. The indigo/violet looked a lot more violet in real life instead of the gray it looks on camera.

A few of the layers stuck to the pans after cooling and I was a little inaccurate getting the layers to line up as you can see in the photo of unfrosted cake above, but after two entire tubs of frosting were applied, it all smoothed out!

The happy birthday song was sung, the candles blown out... (oh, hey, there was bowling, too)

and we cut open the cake! 

Much fun was had by all.


  1. That is an amazing looking cake! So cool!

    Glad Rosie had a happy birthday! How could she not, with a Mom making her a cake like that?

  2. Hmm, food paste. I suppose that would work in frosting as well? I can finally make a decent frosting but I never get vibrant colors with the liquid food coloring.

    Heh, the twins just walked up and saw your rainbow creation, "Yummy! Yummy!"

  3. Thanks, Brent!

    Dee, food paste works in anything! So vibrant, OMG. The orange only had ONE drop of red in it and four drops of yellow, believe it or not. Thanks, A & E, it was yummy!


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