Sunday, November 27, 2011

You left something behind...

Almost every time I go to visit my BFF Kelly, who lives 28 miles and 40 minutes away, I leave something behind. I usually bring a bunch of things with me, like crafting supplies, or hand-me-down clothes for Thea, or food for a potluck. I also forget to bring other things, like today, I forgot the thank you cards that Rosie wrote for Thea and Liam's birthday gifts, and copies of the kids' school portraits.

This time, I left my knitting tools bag and some extra yarn.

I retrieved the umbrella that I left over there in October.

In October, I was reunited with the pair of sunglasses that I left at Kelly's in August. And so on.

There have been so many other times that I've left a sweater or a kid's toy or some random thing that I should expect it by now! I'm typically running out of there way too late (enjoying the company!), carrying five things and trying to wrangle kids at the same time.

They say that when you accidentally leave something behind, it means that you subconsciously want to return to that place. That is most certainly true here!! I and my kids all love visiting Kelly and family.

Kelly said it best when she texted me to let me know my knitting bag was still there: "We really should live in the same neighborhood." Agreed. Or start heavily investing in matter transporters. We have the Internet, video phones, instant movies, digital books, and jet packs (sort of)—where's my transporter?

It's not a big deal for now, we have plans to hang out at my place next Sunday and can exchange all the things. Maybe Kelly will leave something behind over here...


  1. Yes, it's 2011, where's my transporter?!!

  2. Monkeyrotica was glancing over at me while I was writing this post and incredulously asked, "Why on earth are you looking at JETPACKS?" Hoo! And, WhereTF is my transporter?


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