Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday Girl Rosie, 2003–2011

From the photo archives:
Rosalie's birthday parties from 1st to 9th 

Rosie's 1st birthday, 2003 
Rosie's party this year was a combination birthday for her and Monkeyrotica, as well as a housewarming for us. We bought our home in late August of 2003. Three celebrations at once were very confusing for our guests!

Rosie's 2nd birthday, 2004 
A house party birthday celebration for Rosie and Monkeyrotica with lots of friends and family. Actually, all of Rosie's birthday parties were shared with her dad until she turned seven.

Rosie's 3rd birthday, 2005 
A house party with friends and neighbors. 


Rosie's 4th birthday, 2006
Another large house party with lots of birthday sharing: Rosalie, Monkeyrotica, Liam O., and Jim S. were all represented. Sorry, couldn't find a birthday cake photo, this one will have to do, from a bowling alley party a few days before the party.

Rosie's 5th birthday, 2007 
A large house party with 75 guests, 2 cakes and tons of fun! 

Rosie's 6th birthday, 2008
A large house party, lots of guests and a home-made chocolate cake.

Rosie's 7th birthday, 2009 
A family birthday event at Medieval Times, then a small sleepover party with a select group of girlfriends (and cupcakes).

Rosie's 8th birthday, 2010
An ice skating party with friends and a special strawberry-flavored maneki neko cake. 

Rosie's 9th birthday, 2011
Rosie had a bowling party with friends and a rainbow cake the day before her birthday, then a birthday lunch with family at El Paso restaurant today. The ice cream was compliments of the staff! They sang to her and let her wear this special hat.

Happiest birthday, sweetheart! I love you so much; more every year. XOXOXO, Mommy


  1. I wasn't going to put this in the post body, but OMG, check out my rack in 2005! I was still nursing Dash and will never have boobs like that again. LOL!

  2. I love seeing the Rosie progression. Happy 9th to her!

    And that rainbow cake. Man, I am still super impressed. My single attempt at stacking a measly two layers resulted in a continental cake divide. You are a master at everything you do, masterful nylon!

  3. Thanks, Dee! You probably didn't notice the ring of wax paper that I wrapped around the entire cake to keep it from separating. Yep, I did that! I only removed it to cut the cake and it slid right off. I also put the cake in the fridge before bringing it to the party in hopes that it would stabilize.

    Another tip I got from a friend was to tap all the bubbles out of the batter before you put the cake in the oven to keep a dome from forming. Flat layers are best for stacking!

  4. So cute! My son has only had one party so far, but someday it will be neat to look back over the different celebrations that we have over the years, and the ways his evolving personality will determine what we do.

    Also...75 guests! Wow!

  5. Mumma, you'll notice that the later, smaller parties were outside the home! My DH likes to cook for friends, but realized that then he didn't get to enjoy the party because he was too exhausted from prepping all the food.


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