Monday, January 14, 2008

aren't all little girls supposed to be shaped like eggs?

I had a wee bit of a dilemma over the weekend. A body-image dilemma, concerning Rosie. There are sooooo many poor models out there for what a "normal" body shape is that I just won't bother to list them (cafgh-Barbie). I somehow didn't expect them to be reflected in a four-to-five year old's ballet class, though (@ 12, maybe).

Don't girls only start to have defined waists when puberty starts its work? Apparently ballet costume sizing charts have a blind spot to this.

At the end of Rosie's Saturday class, I received said form and dutifully, took her measurements at home. Here's how her sizing worked out: chest, small; hips, small; girth (shoulder to crotch): small; waist, LARGE? Whaaa?

I read through, and the proportions are the same for adults and kids, narrower in the center. Grrrr. Stupid!

Now I have questions. What size do I actually order, and should I start doing situps with Rosie or yell at her teacher for dealing with such unenlightened costume manufacturers?


  1. This is ridiculous girls Rosie's age should be shaped like Little Lulu of comic book fame


  2. Totally ridiculous. I'd say order a medium and just see what happens.


  3. I keep thinking about this and looking at my humpty-dumpty shaped daughters. How bizarre. I'm sure they error is in the order form and not the actual garments, right?


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