Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Boys

Nighttime rituals at the Strings' usually begin with Dash running into our bedroom to play in mommydaddybed. This tiny video of Dash inside the duvet is from AJS's Helio Ocean phone, and sorry, no sound. Just imagine wild shrieking.

AJS plays along, climbing into the blanket with him and helping him "hide."

These are Dash's favorite pajamas: the super-Dash-jammas. I don't know what he'll agree on wearing after he grows out of these. Any other pajama and we just have to distract him after I wrestle it on while he kicks and screams and begs for Dash-jammas.

Bonus video! Here's a little clip (with sound) from after our trip to the Natural History Museum, entitied, "Dash, Try to Get Me!" In it you'll see Dash looking slightly evil while brandishing a stick, Rosie in a too-short dress (leggings included), and me casually sporting Dash's sling as if it were some sort of cross-chest banner. At the end, you can catch sight of the Washington Monument in the distance, mid-screen.

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