Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lessons to learn

To all of you young men out there, I hope you know this already and your mothers/girlfriends/ wives have taught you already. If not, there are just a few important triggers with women of childbearing age (or any age really) that you need to be made aware of. If you want to keep your women friends, that is. ;-)

  1. Don't ask a woman if she's pregnant. (Unless she's 7 months gone and she's reading a Babies R Us catalog, but even that's iffy.)
  2. Don't ever answer the question, "does my ass look fat in these jeans/skirt/vinyl-and-latex-fetish-catsuit?" There is no good answer. Change the subject.
  3. Don't ever venture a guess at a woman's age. Ever. If you guess wrong, you are screwed. Even women in their mid-30s like to get carded for alcohol at bars.

Yes, these are sexist comments. Despite attempts to move toward a race- and gender-blind society, beauty, age, and weight are still factors that count negatively against women. Heck, they can score negative points for men, too! Listen and learn.

Also, today I learned that service professionals can also be kind. The DirecTV guy that was 1.5 hours late discovered that we had unplugged the satellite ourselves trying to set up Cox's Internet cable. He fixed that and while he was at it, went above and beyond by setting up the cable lines (that were disconnected) by connnecting the box, drilling holes, AND running THEIR wires to our modem. I'm going to write a letter to his management. What a peach!


  1. Thanks for the advice... I am going to go jump in front of a train now.

  2. No kidding. I swear, about 5 months ago.. I had an woman in her late 70's who I am somewhat acquainted with at work said, sort of brashly say, "when are you going to have that baby already." It was kinda of funny but really sort of thoughtless. It prompted me to start my diet which at this point I have lost 23 pds or roughly a big a$$ baby. Anywho, I couldn't agree with you more. Good sound advice. HA!!

  3. Oh Andrea, that was worse than thoughtless; just nasty, rude and pointless. She ought to have been slapped. In fact, imagine me giving her a big, loud, long-distance open-hander on your behalf right now.

    But hey, congrats on losing the weight! It can only help your health and self-image, you know?


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