Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I know, the magazines and newspapers are full of advertisements to join a gym! get healthy! here's how! And I'll have to admit, I'm not immune to it all; it all has been sinking in, infiltrating my subconsious. So, while reading Unfit Mother's blog today, I really was drawn in and came out strongly identifing with her post. It's not just that I worked at a gym (YMCA) when I was a teen and was too goth to participate in high-school sports, and then somehow became addicted to classes at my gym (starting in 1993), sometimes going 3 or 4 times a week and taking two classes back-to-back (which during pre-wedding marriage counseling, I was advised to give up, for compromise's sake), but that I haven't had a gym membership for much too long.

Here's what rang true in Unfit Mother's post (she is an impressive writer, btw):

"When we bought a new house in July of 2006, our family had to reallocate every penny of the budget to make the West Coast real estate market work in our favor. One of the first items on the chopping block: my gym membership. I tried to exercise at home – I went for walks, calculated household chores into calorie burning equivalents and thought about running. But despite my best laid plans I became flabby. With folds of skin pooling on top of each other in soft mounds, I gradually lost muscle tone. I spend my days in a puddle at the computer and at night dreamed of accumulating digitized hours on a treadmill in a musty room pumping house music."

We did the very same thing. When Dash was born, the cost of his daycare forced us to eliminate several items from our budget, one of them my gym membership. Now, at my new job (location), there is a gym in the building that several of my coworkers go to. Just this month, they are offering aerobics classes! Ah, my favorite. I will go at lunchtime, twice a week to start.

Even the price is right! For what I will no longer be spending on cafeteria coffee and the occasional lunch, I can have single digit deductions taken out of my paycheck.

I'm signing up today.


  1. blush blush... Thanks for the compliment NT and welcome back to the gym! We need a hip mama collective in the culture - one to compete with the soccer mom and the single and dating contingents. The not-entirely-jaded-hip-work-out-mamas!

  2. Love it! BTW, Melissa, I went to sign up today! (I didn't have my act together enough to get all the paperwork filled out yesterday.) And learned that Wednesdays are table-massage days. [insert Homer-Simpson-drooling noise] I spent my lunchtime today in the gym, yes I did!

    Maybe getting rid of toxins in my muscles is a form of a workout?


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