Friday, January 25, 2008

Freaky dream

AJS woke me up this morning because I was making some strange noises. When I caught my wits, I asked, "did it sound like this?" and did my best imitation of the sound I was making in my dream, a breathy squeaking mini-scream. In my dreams, when I'm most terrified and trying to scream at the top of my lungs, I can only seem to squeak, and now I learn that it's actually audible? 

I was dreaming that I was a girl alone in my parents' house in Illinois, a split-level. There were some boxes of chocolates that had been delivered that seemed strange, like they were moving, so I took one down to the basement (which was finished with shag carpeting). When I opened one box, it appeared to be brownies, but then one of them turned into a worm-like thing that craned around and started throwing pieces of itself toward the bathroom in the corner of the room. This is where I got that awful blood-drain-out feeling, backed away and started the wheezy-squeak-screaming. I heard noises in the bathroom, so creeped past the growing pile of not-brownies to see small green creatures  (like evil versions of the green alien toys in the "claw" game from Toy Story) coming out of the bathtub.

I reeled away, screaming, and backed up toward the stairs, not taking my eyes off them. As they reached the pile of not-brownie, they ate and quickly began to grow into large, well-muscled orc-type creatures!! As I stumbled up the rest of the stairs, I had a brainstorm: like the green Wicked Witch of the West and the green aliens from Signs, these green creatures could be killed with WATER!

A bucket appeared nearby, I grabbed it and added water from the kitchen sink (not filling fast enough!!!!). Running back toward the basement stairs, I saw the frightening orc already half-way up! Screaming, I threw water at him!!! He yowled and started to fall.

And that's when AJS woke me up. Aieeeee!


  1. Those monsters were probably some of those squeaky clean "wonderful" (so they announced themselves as)neighbors who pretended to be perfect in little perfectville but were really what you saw in your nigtmare. Love, Mom

  2. Yeah, those neighbors back in Illinois were something else. It's amazing to think back on all the rudenesses.

    Even so, it's more likely to be a combination of needing more sleep, stresses at work, and watching too many sci-fi movies.

  3. AJS's interpretation was that it was about some fear of mine, re: the kids. You know, like being worried that they are growing so fast they'll soon destroy me or something.

    He got a nice long glare.


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