Monday, January 07, 2008

the little things

Things that made me happy over the weekend:
1. Taking the kids to the Natural History Museum and showing them the dinosaurs & BUGS! (Dash say, "fraid bugs!")
2. Hanging out with book-club friends at Kelly & Todd's, eating Chinese food and letting the kids run free (hope they didn't make too much mess); and if the book movie was discussed, I was too busy having fun somewhere else...
3. Little pony bottles of beer that AJS bought just for me, because they're tiny (and tiny delights ms. nylon!).
4. Finishing the neighborhood newsletter! Woot!
5. Carrying Dash in the sling while out on errands. Yeah, really now, he's getting so heavy, but he loves him some sling ride! Otherwise, he's awfully busy unless he's in the sling; man, am I going to miss the cuddling when he gets too big for it (which seems like it will be any day).
6. Making crafts with Rosie! We went to an all-ages playgroup (mostly 6 mos to 3 yrs) to do leftover-Xmas craft activities. While Dash ate all the snacks, Rosie and I made a christmas-tree pillow and a reindeer bag. She was so clever; when it was time to attach the antlers, she glued them inside the bag, so they'd be behind the ears. I wouldn't have thought of doing that!
7. AJS made 12 gallons of minestrone on Sunday. I wish I had taken a photo of his prep station before he started. It was an enormous pile of cans, vegetables and meat. The soup was delicious & I won't speak for it, but there may be enough to give to friends...

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  1. mmmm good. jools will eat anything as long as it's in a soup. i bet i could make brussels sprouts soup and he would eat it.

    ::thinking of a fun experiment::


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